One of our readers dropped us a note:



Subject: pepsi company prize notification 2007

“I think I have been scammed IM WORRIED about identity theft I RECEIVED email saying i won 500,000 british pounds and i emailed some of my personal info i dont know what i should do. Please email me back  I need to know what options i have thank you for your time.”

Sorry if we received your mails a bit late… as we have more than a thousand mails to sieve through each day. Our backlog is huge 😛

The following is our suggestions:

Firstly, stop further communication with the scammers.
Secondly, check with your bank(s), credit card companies, finance, insurance, etc and let them know what happened. In such cases, I would request the bank to withhold any transaction (esp. via phone call or mails), unless you are present in person.

In US, you can check out this website and follow the recommendations:
Link to

We can only offer our advise as a friend and we cannot be held responsible for any of your losses. The effects of stolen identity is beyond the scope of our site to advise further. The authorities and institutes are your best defense now.

Its just like losing the key to your house, except that you cannot simply change the locks… but let everyone know about the compromise. They should be able to assist you in their respective areas.