This is the first time we see some spammer setting up a “drugstore” within her space at live.com. Anyway, we can’t be sure its a “her” – that is a lesson learnt.

The link was found in one of those famous “Russian-girl-miss-you-terribly” scam mail like this:

Hey, why do not you write? You forgot about me? “I am very unhappy without you, remember me?”
It’s me, Olga from Russia, Moscow, remember? I’m waiting for you on his page on the Internet, and miss you terribly!

This is crazy stuff.

  • I don’t need the drugs
  • I don’t dare to buy from these webpages.
  • And even if the drugs are free, I don’t even dare to eat it. Its like picking up a capsule from a trash bag.

All these spams are wasting the precious bandwidth for nothing.

Selling Drugs at Live.com personal pages?