Whether its phone, email, or a knock on the door, its a scam. HOWEVER, if you bought the MegaMillions and win the first prize, its REAL. No one will call you up because no one knows who has the winning ticket, and its up to YOU to bring the ticket to collect the money.

Don’t believe in any other lottery that you have never joined. And never believe in “international” lotteries.

Subject: Lottery Scam

Question/Comment: My brother recieved a phone call about winning a

lottery.  They called themselves the “Global International Lottery

Sweepstakes”.  He was asked for $2,500 insurance plus $300 fee to deliver a

check for $2million and $500K cash.  He declined to pay and they said to

come pick up your check at 3675 S. Rainbow Ave Las Vegas, NV.  

Do you know this as a scam?