Think of buying a discounted air ticket from the classifieds? Becareful of scams. This guy reserved a seat before wiring the money to pay the seller for an air-ticket at 50% discount. After that, the seller cancelled the reservations.

The ad, which ran most of this month under the “Tickets” heading in the Asbury Park Press read: “Airline Tickets/Vouchers half price also int’l.” The ad gave two phone numbers to call: 646-464-8747, which is a Bronx cellular telephone, and 702-580-8379, which is a Las Vegas cell phone, according to city police Officer John Evangelho.

Aquino first called the latter phone number, and the woman who answered supposedly booked Aquino’s flight, Evangelho confirmed. After receiving and verifying a reservation number for an American Airlines flight, Aquino wired $2,500 cash through MoneyGram to Los Angeles, Aquino said. However, police said the money was picked up in Las Vegas by a second woman.

After the money was picked up in Las Vegas, Aquino’s reservation was canceled, he said.

“I lost the whole trip,” Aquino said. “We’re not going anywhere.”