Lottery pooling is way of increasing your chance to win a lottery.
However, most people would normally pool the money with people around us whom we know.

Would you visit an internet website to participate in a lottery pool, especially when you don’t know the people running the syndicate and have no clue who they are. We think that this is risky because there are many “What-Ifs”

What if they run away with our money?
Is there any evidence that they would use our money to pool and buy the lottery tickets? (e.g. photos)
What is the guarantee that they would share the winnings and not run away?
What if they run away with the money?

We believe that you can always find friends and family members who would join you in a lottery pool. Although the number of people involved may not be as large, but you will not need to worry about the tickets or people running away with the money.

In summary, there is ONLY one party who stand to gain the most in an online lottery pool, is the person holding the money pool. If you are a gambler, you are simply exposing yourself to a high risk of losing your gambling money in return for a negligible increase in probability of winning a lottery.

So who cares if these websites are scams, why should we trust them in the first place?