The website says:

If you really want to start working, from the comfort of
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They are selling a package for $49.95, and claimed that you can make $1million in 12 months. the package contains an access to a members area with the training material, and you will need to market and advertise your free website. That is all.

Do you know what? It is not easy and not cheap to “market and advertise” a website on the internet. If anybody can advertise and market their website at no cost and get all that traffic effectively, he or she would be a millionaire easily. The website isn’t the key, its the marketing and advertising, and that costs money unless you try to market by spamming etc. There is no free lunch and this website is making the whole thing look simple for someone who has not been on the web.

But we think that the only person getting richer will be the one collecting the $49.95 from you. Well, if their method is so fantastic, they can become a millioaire in 12 months by just by doing what they sell. So why do they still need to sell you such a “useful” system for only $49.95?

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