Against these great benefits, it is really important to understand the meaning of the mentor, who can be a great helper and on the top of that, a potential person for cooperation. An effective use of mentor can shorten the learning curve, avoid errors and lead to better results.

But is it possible for a internet home business newbie to find and use mentor effectively? How can he/she find a mentor, and what makes the mentoring profitable for the mentor?

The key is the newbies attitude, his will to really want to succeed. Mentoring is a known techniques from many industries, a known way to transfer and to recycle knowledge.

1.Pick Your Mentor Carefully.

Now everybody is able to mentor a internet home business newbie, it requires a certain capabilities, a certain state of the mind.

First of all, the mentor must be an experienced internet business marketer, who has already done his success. He knows what is ahead, what dangers there are to loose the money and to go through the wrong way.

A mentor must be strategic person, I mean a person who has a wide view from the internet home business, so that he has lots of different tactics in use,which he then can recommend to the newbie, if necessary.

2.Mentoring Requires A Good Communication.

It is funny, how rare internet home business marketers are willing to communicate. Many subscribe newsletters or other free stuff, but that is not a form of communication, which leads to a good relationships between a newbie and a mentor.

The key is the will to get a mentor, a newbie has just to ask that. A good place to find good candidates are the internet home business forums. There you can also meet other newbies, who can share there tips.

3. An Affiliate Needs A Mental Growth.

The growth is the key word for better results. The best way to grow your skills is to communicate with other people in the internet home business industry. Only by belonging to the group, you will find out what you are and what more should you need.

I remember one affiliate, who was extremely active from the first contact. And I was extremely helpful and polite from the first contact. She asked and asked and I tried to answer as good as I could.

The results was best I have ever experienced. I could stop her to spend money into wrong things and to believe the hypestyle overpromises. She saved her motivation and money and is now doing very well with her army of own affiliates.

So the most profitable tactics in the beginning is to make questions. Why to try to invent the wheel again? The better way is to persuade somebody to tell the successful, working tips and to guarantee the results.