Many times, the idea that you are searching for is right in front of your nose. One such example is choosing a niche to start your home business in. As you analyze target markets, one market is the home business seeker, or work at home person.

This can be a great niche to be in, because there is a never ending supply of people entering it on a daily basis. The Internet is really helping identify who these people are.

Often times they are what is known as a newbie. This is an affectionate term given to people who are new to Internet marketing. They are looking for someone to help them, and this provides an excellent opportunity for you to be there for them and get paid for it.

The downside to this is as an Internet newbie yourself, you may not feel qualified to help somebody make money on the Internet when you yourself have not made any.

This really is a small problem that can quickly be overcome. Just as there are people who write e-books, and never actually write the words themselves, you can build an Internet business targeting the Internet newbie and never can write any of your own content.

You do this by utilizing all the content that is available for you right now. One of the best ways to do this is to join a private label rights website and then take the content and either use it as he is or rework it to make it unique.

You can then either start a website of your own or a blog and began to place this content on it in a way that would be helpful to Internet newbie. The best way to do this is to set down and make a list of all the things that you yourself would want to learn about.

Then start finding content that answers these questions and start placing it on your website or blog. In a very short period of time you will create a very useful resource that newbies will find helpful.

Along the same lines you can join affiliate programs such as Clickbank.com and find e-books to sell, or other affiliate programs that offer products that match the website or blog that you’re building. Again, you do not even have to create your own product because all the work is done for you.

As you can see, targeting the Internet newbie is a great home business to be in because you can make money, help people, and find tremendous content without doing much of the work yourself.