As we know, most mainstream religions would tell us that we go to heaven if we do good deeds, sacrifice ourselves for good purpose, etc. On the other hand, those who continue to sin in their life is destined for eternal torture in hell.

When it comes to scam, scammers can make money to get a better life on earth. But life on earth is short. Most of us don’t live past 60-70 years old, while minority ever gets to breath the air when they hit 90 years old. Scammers can make that money just to live a “better life” in the next few living years, but their sins will stay with them eternally.

What happens in hell? From what we know, the soul never dies. It will be tortured eternally with no end of the tunnel in sight. If the torture]]> includes being thrown into a pot of boiling oil, the sinner will be thrown into the hot boiling oil, recovered, and thrown in again, eternally. They will go through the same pain forever and ever, just for that short few years of joy on earth by committing sins. Cheating and stealing from others is a sin, isn’t it?

The good people will go to heaven, including those who care to share the scam mails and news that they received. These people would probably gain good karma for every mail they sent to us.

What about us, For every mail and article that we publish, we might gain good karma and an inch closer to securing a place in heaven. But for every mail we missed out, we might be losing an inch. Ouch! Better get to work!

Some thoughts for sharing.