Someone asked if the following is legal or lawful.
Nope, it’s a scam and they are selling pirated softwares. Please read our articles about the risk of buying these softwares.

If you don’t believe, a great way to find out is to check with the original software supplier. For example, if its from Adobe, then go to Adobe.com directly and ask.

In shops, OEM softwares are basically bundled with hardware purchase, normally a Laptop or Desktop. The seller is NOT ALLOWED to sell the softwares separately (i.e. individually). This would be a violation of the software license.

So when you order softwares online, there is an additional risk of buying a completely illegal softwares with cracks. They are NOT even an OEM software.

As in an scam, if it is too good to be true, then it is likely a scam. Some easy way to spot a scam:

1) Its too cheap as compared to the original software.

2) They need to use a special software to activate the main software.

3) Any OEM offers online are likely scams (sold as it is without accompanying purchase).

There are lots more but what the heck, just some simple rules kept me away from scams. I don’t expect you to pull out a long checklist to find out “WHY THIS IS A SCAM”, before you decide.



From: Serena Walter [mailto:mabbroschartgid@broschart.net]
Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007
Subject: Legal software sales


Our goal is to guarantee PC and Mac lawful soft and computer solutions of low cost for anyone’s budget.
Whether you are a corporate customer, a small-scale enterprise proprietor,
or shopping for your own home personal computer, we suppose we will help you.

Most demanding products:
*Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise Server: Retail price today – $800.00; Our this day – $69.95
*Symantec Norton Save & Restore 2.0: Retail price this time – $49.99; Our for this day just – $19.95
*Acronis Disk Editor v6.0.360: Retail price now – $29.99; Our just – $19.95
*Corel Designer Technical Suite 12.0: Retail price this time – $699.00; Our only for today – $39.95
*Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition: Retail price for this day – $885.95; Our just – $69.95
*Adobe Fireworks CS3: Retail price now – $299.00; Our just – $59.95
*Adobe GoLive CS2: Retail price this day – $399.00; Our only – $49.95
*Microsoft Windows Vista Business: Retail price for this day – $299.00; Our just – $79.95