Edgar Cayce is well known as the biggest psychic of the twentieth century. He has even recently been featured on TV programs with the likes of Nostradamus and such. His prophecies are more exacting and are still coming true. And amazingly they were all done while Edgar Cayce was asleep!

Yes, many prophecies from Nostradamus to Sylvia Brown tell of forthcoming doom. From earthquakes to fire from the skies and the second coming of Jesus. The possibility of the book of Revelations coming true, etc… And yes Edgar Cayce does hint at some of these things coming to pass in the near future. A major earthquake in Japan where half or more of Japan falls into the sea. A restructuring of our continent. NYC under water or destroyed in some fashion. But he also, in many of his readings tells of a more gradual change and a new birth for our world. A world with stronger religious ties and a global unified family.

According to Cayce, Jesus second coming will be spiritual with a reawakening of religion and unity. He relates the coming changes that are necessary prior to this unified world to mankinds wanton use and disregard of natures resources. We determine our future through our past actions and our past is full of pollution and no future planning. Like the oil situation where we have been warned of oil and gas crisis many times. Yet we continue to drive bigger vehicles and become more dependent on volatile countries like Iran and Iraq for our oil and natural gas.

The coming disasters are instep with our past actions. The releasing of CFC’s into the environment for years has created a large hole in the ozone which is altering our climate. Our increased emissions are also further destroying our environment.

Cayce in his readings states that there were previous civilizations on Earth. Atlantis and several other civilizations that there are records for so we could learn from their mistakes which are probably similar to our own. He hints that these records are in the Sphinx and off the Bimini coast. One must wonder why the Egyptian government has stopped all expeditions and research around the Sphinx. Are they afraid of what they might find there?

Edgar Cayce has been right on everything so far. What is amazing is that Edgar Cayce hypnotized himself and did these readings in his sleep with dozens of witnesses. How could he make up his readings like this? And there are over 14,000 of these self hypnotized readings all documented.

What we need to take from this is that we have the power to change the future. We can already take steps to conserve energy and better our selves. We can become self sufficient and less dependent on others. We can be more charitable and help others that are less fortunate thusly improving our world. According to Cayce this will happen irregardless in our time. How drastic the changes are is up to us. We caused the middle east crisis as we have become ever so dependent on oil. According to Cayce we can each take a role in making this transitional period less turbulent. If this occurs humanity may survive into this next, more spiritual age unlike any previous civilizations.