We received this report about some dating verification scam. Dating scams aren’t new but we would like to highlight that scammers aren’t stupid to give you a trace to their real identity, regardless if it is a website or their facebook account.

Unless the scammer is a born moron, he is not going to tell you, “Hey, its me, I scammed you! And look, here is my facebook account! Come and catch me.”

Scammers use FAKE identities and will link you to fake profiles which is not theirs.

Otherwise, everyone will be looking for Coca-Cola, Yahoo, and Microsoft to claim all those Fake Lottery winnings.

Scams are all about fake deals and identities. So be prepared, pictures may not be real, websites are faked, profiles are all made-up. And if you gave them anything, unfortunately, you are scammed. So prevention is still the best cure.

Below is the original email for your information.


a profile janecarlson79@yahoo.com is linked to david john wesbury
involves in dating scam for a vertification process using
, she approach people on dating site and
ask then to do this process saying shes a victim of stalking and sexual
harassment, the process gets drag on and on and you have to deposit moneys
to someone in the Phillipines.

Vedoes calls are used to convince you that the girl is real as well. She always live in the same city as you and
can’t really answer real questions like bus numbers to where she lives
etc. and no current photoes of her. I only found out after $12,000 au I have deposit so we can meet this went on for over one
year and thus she still say we still need to deposit more and more till the
process is done. One day she reposted her pics on facebook but its linked
to a david john wesbury who lives in melbourne Australia.