This one worries us, and its risky to deal with them. If you find these at ebay.com etc and not from the trade portals, its risky.

1) Domain name registered in less than a month, and its setup ready to sell with a bunch of products.

2) The “About US” page does not tell anything much “About them”

3) The “Contact Us” page is not ready.

4) The “Payment info” is badly presented.

The first point is not a key factor, because everybody has the right to setup a shop within a short time period to sell stuff. However, it becomes a contributing factor when combined with a website that has other questionable issues. In this case, we are not comfortable buying from this website.

Assuming that a website is registered within a month, and everything else (e.g. About Us, Contact Us, etc) is setup properly, there is no right for anyone to say that they are going to be a scam – until it happens.

Its risky to buy cheap electronics from a China website that looks like the one below. and there is a reason why Alibaba.com is successful. We are not going to vouch that its 100% safe if you deal with a Gold Member at a trade portal, and there is no way to guarantee 100% that you don’t meet a high class scammer like Madoff. Even celebrities get scammed – see the news feed from CNBC.


  • Photo 1 of 5Home Page

    Products are all up, but the most important thing – header – is missing.

  • Photo 2 of 5About Us Page

    There is very little information here “About Them”.

  • Photo 3 of 5Contact Us

    No contact form or contact us information.

  • Photo 4 of 5Payment

    Western Union with site like this = Very risky. This page is poorly setup and looks crappy.

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