This is an amazing, well-written piece of 419 shit mail, but this question is stupid:

3-Can you confirm your willingness to accept this inheritance if you are legally and legitimately appointed.

Is he crazy? What kinda question is this? If its real, only idiots won’t accept an “inheritance”.

What are the fastest ways to get rich?

A) Strike a Lottery

B) Marry a Rich Man

C) Inheritance

D) A filthy rich couple was quarreling, and the wife threw a million dollar Diamond Ring out of the window, and you catch it. (it must be huge)

But we know this is a scam and all names and organisations mentioned below are fakes.

—–Original Message—–
From: Mr. Ernest Gordon [mailto:mr.ernestgordon@yahoo.com]
Sent: 28 January 2010 04:24
To: mr.ernestgordon@yahoo.com
Subject: Still Waiting for your answers

Hope this email gets to you as it is the third time I am sending it to you.

I have tried without success to locate either your contact address or phone
number and as such I resorted to email which is an unconventional way of
relaying an important message such as this.

We are conducting a standard process investigation/Recommendation on behalf
of African Development Bank Group (ADB), The African Investment Banking

This investigation is about an account holder (Name Withheld) who bears same
surname with you and the circumstances surrounding his investments at ADB
Invest Account, the Investment arm of African Development Bank Group. The
ADB Private Investment client died intestate and nominated no successor in
title over his investments made at the bank amounting to over 7,000,000 in
United States currency. The essence of this communication is to request that
you provide us information/comments on any or all of the four issues as
regards nominating you to inherit the fund left behind by this client.

Your answers and response(s) to the questions raised below will determine
our recommendation to the ADB towards legally appointing you to inherit this
investment fund after certified investigation has yielded results showing
that there is no known relation of the deceased client.

1-Are you aware of any relative/relation born on the 2nd of February 1951,
who bears your same surname whose last known contact address was Angola?

2-Are you aware of any investment of considerable value made by such a
person at the ADB Bank Group?

3-Can you confirm your willingness to accept this inheritance if you are
legally and legitimately appointed.

4-Would you agree to donate part of this inheritance to charity if you are
officially approved to stand as the inheritor?

It is pertinent that you inform us ASAP whether or not you are familiar with
this personality or and your interest towards the issues mentioned.
You must appreciate that we are constrained from providing you with more
detailed information at this point. We will provide you with additional
information upon receipt of your response.


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