A scammer faking to be “Mrs Ruth Madoff”, wife of the world no. 1
Scammer Bernard Madoff. And she needs your help to take over the $170
billion of scammed money… WHAT!? 170 BILLION!! This is the highest
amount we have ever seen in the history of 419 Scams!

What’s more, there are some person belongings as well, maybe once of those expensive art piece that you can auction off at $1million each. Or the sports car, castle, yacht, private plane, as long as you can carry them home.

And what about the money? She wants you to hold HER money. Wow! Will you do that if you were a rich lady? Give some stranger all your money for safekeeping? I don’t think anybody can be as stupid as a 419 Scammer.

No wonder it is so easy to trick the 419 scammers, go check out 419eaters.com. These scammers may be bad, but they are equally stupid.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Ruth Madoff <ruthmadoff@yahoo.com>

Date: Fri, May 1, 2009 at 5:07 PM

Subject: Dear Friend

Dear Friend ,

I am Mrs.Ruth Madoff, wife of Bernard.L. Madoff.I am going through a difficult time with my family right now, as my husband is now at the

Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York City.My husband Sentencing is scheduled for June 16, 2009 and he is likely to face a maximum sentence of 150 years in prison and $170 billion in restitution, so there is need for me to move out a lot of my personal funds and personal belongings around the world, particularly  from outside America.I need somebody to trust in order for me to actualize this, because I cannot receive funds here in

America right now.

I would need your help in acquiring some properties and keeping some large cash amount for me. but first I would  prefer to chat with you either on

yahoo chat or Skype. if you are not comfortable with yahoo then write me ,so we can communicate via email.

This is very urgent, I would have to entrust a large amount of money into your hands  and some personal valuables. But this would have to be very

confidential, just between me and you, because the press are after me because of my husband name all over the headlines, because of his Wall

street business.

Anyway! don’t be scared about the risk, it is a very safe deal I can assure you of your confidentiality.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs. Ruth Alpern Madoff

Contact Email: ruthmadoff02@hotmail.com