]]>Hot Scam Specifications:

Scam Type: 419 Scam
Likely Fake Names: Abraham Garang
Offer Type: Money Transfer
Transfer Amount: US$28million
Storyline: Someone claims he is 2nd son of some vice president and needs you to help spend $28million on his behalf
Scammer Location: We believe this scammer is in Malaysia with a partner in South Africa. Sudan is a make-up story.
Scammer Email: Scammer Phone: +60 1 6237 4040

So he claims, that his rich dad died several years ago, leaving behind $28million in a South African bank. He leaves a phone number in the mail, and the IDD code +60 is the country Malaysia (South East Asia).

This is how the scam might be played. One of the scammer is in fact in Malaysia, and he will convince you to contact his friend in South Africa. He will keep mentioning about that $28million dollars to keep you drooling and forget that this might be a scam. And he will give you reasons to make you pay fees to the South African and not to him (in Malaysia). If the guy in Malaysia is caught, their money (i.e. the amount that you lose) will be in safe hands in South Africa.

This is just a possibility, but the other possibility is that the scammer(s) are all physically in South Africa where they will be collecting your money. The part about the phone and location in Malaysia is probably a decoy. So if you report to police in Malaysia, you might not be able to trace the person. They could have gotten a Malaysian phone number through a 3rd party service.

               FROM ABRAHAM GARANG

Good Day,

Accept my apologies for contacting you through this medium, since we
do not know each other prior to this letter. But for security reason
and of course confidentiality, I have no better and safer means to
Carry out this project than contacting you.

I am Abraham Garang the second son of late Mr. John Garang who was
until his death the vice president of Sudan in Africa. In brief, my
late father was a strong opposition for over 20 years until he was
appointed the vice president on the 9th July 2005 by the United
Nations Peace Team as an avenue to quench 20years civil war in Sudan.

  He died on the 31st of July 2005 following a helicopter crash along
side with 12 others just 22 days after he was appointment as the vice
president. What led to the crash is still unclear but I know my father
was the target. If you wish to have more details, do visit this site
onthe internet:http://www.africantribune.com/content/view/915/247/

I am presently here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia as a student. Before the
death of my father, he took me to Johannesburg to deposit the sum of
US$28 Million Twenty Eight Million United States Dollars) in a
security company undisclosed, as if he foresaw the looming danger in
Sudan, This amount was meant for the establishment of new research
facility in Sudan, This fund is due for collection from the security
company, he kept it on my name and the consignment will be brought to
Malaysia through Diplomatic Immunity if you indicate interest.

My problem is that due to my status here as a student, I cannot handle
an account that can run the volume of this amount or even have any
financial obligation talk less of investment here. Therefore, I prefer
to have a business partner like you who is very strong and well to do
who has an idea of a lucrative investment to take care of this
arrangement with me and have the funds taken care on its arrival.

Hence I am seeking for your assistance to invest this fund, for all
your efforts, I and my family are prepared to offer you 25% of the
total fund US$28M and 5% will be set aside for local and international
expenses that may be incurred in the course of this transaction while
70% will be for me and my family for investment here in your country
upon the arrival of the money. Also be informed that at the end of
this transaction my family will love to move down and nationalize in
your country.

Please entertain no fears as all documents to back you up this money
will be provided, If we must do this transaction successfully, we must
Keep it away from ears of the public. Will be very much pleased for
your confirmation of interest on the receipt of this mail.

Yours truly,

Abraham Garang and family,
+60 1 6237 4040

WARNING: If you are not the intended recipient, please notify
us immediately and destroy the message without disclosing its
contents to anyone.  Any distribution, use or copying of this
e-mail or the information it contains by other than an intended
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