The Internet is the world’s largest and newest marketplace, but it has been saturated with so many sellers that it can be hard to tell scams from the real thing, and even harder to break into the market and sell your wares. It is not uncommon for Internet investments to land anyone deep in debt, but it is not uncommon for you to earn money

online either – and earn a lot.

There are three simple ways to go about filling your bank account with Internet-earned money.

First, market, don’t make. Look for a product you believe in – one that isn’t yours, but one which is relevant to yourmarket, and whose owner or manufacturer might be willing to allow you to sell for a commission. The problem with the Internet now is that there are dozens of brands for a specific product, and surfers will not care if another one

jumps onto the bandwagon.

For instance, if you are selling home-made perfumes and colognes, check how many competitors you have by searching through Yahoo and Google. You will find thousands offering even better versions of your products. You will have something different and innovative up your sleeve of course, but why invest time and money in making new products when you can get the money first by selling someone else’s?

Not only will you earn more at the onset, you will learn more tricks of the trade from those who are already working in the Internet market. Make friends with your new bosses, and show them how you appreciate them by thanking them regularly. Internet selling is also all about networking, and these higher-ups can put in a good word for you one day when you go out on your own.

So check out possible affiliate programs online, and design your website such that people will visit you and buy your wares. Make at least two text links – and not banners! – to the product on your website’s main page, in the middle, top right, or bottom right area. Endorse the product and recommend it. People who come to your site trust you as an expert in your field, and your recommendations can actually be followed, earning you cash.

Some affiliate programs can pay as high as 75% commission if you sell their products well. Search for these affiliate programs and be polite when you apply.

Second, share yourself. If you have the will and a product, but don’t know how to go about looking for clients and networking, get a friend who might want to help you out. If you have a network of interested friends and acquaintances, and have links or are affiliated with a major product line, offer to do networking for your new bosses.

In other words, make your own joint venture online. Joining forces with someone who has something you don’t have, and needs something that you do, will actually help you out in the long run. Sure, you have to split profits up, but think: will you actually get profits if you go it on your own and do haphazard networking with a great product? Will you get money if you make your own product or service line and sell it to your soon to be disgruntled friends?

The answer is no. In this world of links, networks, and nurture capitalism, people can earn money only if they help each other out. Think of this as your first step toward networking – a joint venture can get you more connections, and can still allow you to earn money!

To find joint venture partners, use search engines to find who might have something you don’t – and be honest. Don’t assume that you can do networking because establishing and sustaining connections is more difficult than it sounds. Don’t assume that you can make your own products because there will be thousands more out there who will make products ten times better than yours.

Admit that you know nothing – being humble will get you farther than all the assumptions you could possibly make.

Next, make friends, and show how making you a partner could be a win-win situation. Provide all evidence to support it: a catalog of your products, marketing materials they might need, samples of your written work. Offer to split profits 50-50, and sustain your energy. Enthusiasm is infectious, and when backed by good products or contacts, is money-attracting.

Third, give away freebies. Everyone loves free stuff, be they information materials, gift items, even 10% discount cards! Provide your website visitors an incentive to not only get your product, but continue patronizing it. This will allow you to gain their trust and interest – and even their friendship, leading to more network contacts.

To make money, you have to give money, so don’t be afraid to invest – but be prudent.

So don’t lose hope if your personally designed and uploaded website and products aren’t earning you money. Ninety percent of all websites are just like yours – but you can join the ten percent of those who earn big because they followed three simple steps.