When developing a new website, you should consider a lot of things: design, search engine optimization, script installation, copy, etc.

However, your home page, the one your visitors will see the first time when entering your site, is the one that requires the most attention and detail. You have between three to five seconds to capture your visitor’s attention before she/he decides if it’s worth spending any more time with you or move on to your competitor’s site.

Check the following list to see if your web site covers the basic points to capture your clients:

1. Don’t use flash presentations/intros

This will only waste your visitor’s time loading your site. The truth is that these are only amusing the first time you see them. After that nobody wants to go through them again.

2. Design and Images

The Internet is a visual medium and if you wish to capture new clients you must show them something attractive when entering your website. The color and photos of your web site should match the general theme of your business and message. For example, if you offer business training, you should show people in your classes, pictures of your trainers, etc. It’s better if you use your own material instead of images from a catalog. Your site will look more natural.

3. Copy

With so few seconds to catch your visitor’s attention, you must greet him with carefully chosen words. Things like “This company was funded in the year…” are boring to your user. Do you sell computers? Then start with something like “The latest computer models from your favorite brands.” Think of what your clients are looking for and give them just that.

4. Contact information.

If you’ve kept your visitor’s attention for a couple more seconds, it’s probable that he will want to contact you for more information. Include your contact info on your home page and don’t make your client jump from page to page to find it. Phone number and address are enough most of the time. Keep in mind you will still need a contact page with more data, like a map to your location, branches, etc.

5. Easy navigation

Make sure that the layout of your products and services is very clear and easy to follow. If you can’t reach your principal information in one click, then it’s too hidden.

6. Show something interesting

Give your client a reason to spend more time on your site. Your latest news, an offer, the quote from a satisfied client, can make a visitor stay just enough longer to close a sale.

7. Update frequently

If your client visits your page again and doesn’t find anything new, what reason does he have to come back? Change the content of your site frequently, like your offer, news, projects or services so you always have something new to show. Remember to change your home page completely at least once a year.

When your page follows all these points your three seconds of fame will become long years of prosperity working with your clients.