Interested in an easy new way to start up your own Internet business? In this short article I am going to talk about how you can start a quick and easy business using totally free content.

I am talking about public data as the sole content for your new money maker.

So why should you make your own Internet start-up with public data? Just look at some of the benefits:

It,s Easy

The hardest part of making money from public data sources is finding the source of data! And let me tell you: that’s pretty easy, too! These wells of information are easy to find, easy to organize and easy to market. Is that enough “easy” for you?

It’s Cheap

Much of the time, public data sources are just that’public. This means that the information belongs to the general public and is free. Free! It should be noted, however, that not all data is free. Be sure you find a data source that has yet to become a part of a proprietary work. Finding public domain information makes it possible for you to spend virtually nothing to start up your site. The outcome is immediate profit with a very low overhead.

It’s Versatile

You can do just about anything with a public data source. There are so many public data sources out there that you’re sure to find the particular genre that suits you perfectly. If you want to give people access to magazine subscriptions, the information is out there and you can. If you want to share all of the best horoscope websites with your visitors, the data is out there, and you can do that too. The versatility comes with the data source format. The profits come from finding a unique market for which you can offer extensive data and information from all over the Internet on one site that’s convenient and organized.

No Special Training

You don’t have to be a web specialist, be fluent in MySQL or even have a firm grasp on Internet trends. All you need is a profitable data source and the drive to see your project through. You can take a heap of unorganized data and information and transform it into a convenient, organized website that can be navigated and searched with ease.

Public data consists of anything compiled by many new sources but lets use home foreclosure data in this example. Many only court databases have this data available, and many real estate agents or mortgage brokers would love to have access to this kind of data for purposes of buying and selling these houses.

There are many other reasons one would want this kind of data such as car dealers, because once one files for bankruptcy they can not do so again for seven years, so these are prime candidates for sub-prime auto loans, they are almost an instant approval.

Can you think of any other ideas for this kind of data?