Keeping your visitors and customers coming back, again and again.

I’d like to talk about the single most important thing you can do to increase and sustain the revenue you earn from your website: keep your visitors coming back. Growing your visitor and customer base means that you can earn more money with less work marketing your site. More money, less work – success!

Here are three ways to retain customers:

1. Make sure your site is not only full of the information people are looking for, but that it’s well-designed and easy to use. If it’s not easy to use, visitors will click away before they ever pay a membership fee, click on an ad or buy a product.

2. Make sure the content on your website is fresh – keep updating and adding information so visitors are finding reasons to bookmark and return to you as a great resource.

3. Choose a topic “with legs”: visitors will return to your website more than once, using you as a trusted reference. With careful planning, the topic area you choose can do half the work of drawing customers to you.

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