Attached below is the fake paypal email. Those who are not familiar with such scams could easily fall in the trap because the layout and theme is similar to PayPal.

Always remember:

1. Never click on any link in an email to update an account containing your personal account information, etc.

2. Even if the email appears to be from the original website, and the link does point to the “original website”, ALWAYS practice opening the BROWSER and TYPE IN THE ORIGINAL WEBSITE ADDRESS MANUALLY.

Why do we recommend typing in the domain name directly even after you check that the link appears to point to the “correct domain name”?

This is the reason:



Is there a difference between the 2 above? Yes, one is “paypa1” with the “l” or “L” replaced by the number “1”. Both would look similar, but they are actually different sites.

And ofcourse, some of you have a habit of typing wrong spelling. There are scammers out there who will exploit your weakness.

btw, here is the original message: