This reported email from a fake “support@ebay.com” was received on 20
Aug 06. The email is cleverly written with a link to
“http://www.ebay.com.dk7c.info”, obviously to get potential victims to
update their credit card information. Note that the main domain is
actually “dk7c.info”.

It is a good idea to enable
the header of every email you received so that you can see who the
actual sender is. The actual sender may Not be the email indicated on
the “From:” line.

Attached below is the email from the scammer. Note the return path, and the mouse-over domain to the phishing site, dk7c.info.

A whois check on this domain shows that it was just registered on 19 Aug 06, was used immediately to send out the phishing email below. The details of the whois will not be published here as the identity may be fake or using another innocent person’s information. However, we will just include the header in the next page.