If you have ever bought drugs from online pharmacies, watch out for this scam. Apparently, scammers are faking as “FDA” special agents in the US, and forcing victims to pay a fine or they will be sued. Please spread this around.

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning the public about criminals posing as FDA special agents and other law enforcement personnel as part of an international extortion scam. The criminals call the victims — who in most cases previously purchased drugs over the Internet or via “telepharmacies” and identify themselves as FDA special agents or other law enforcement officials. The criminals inform the victims that purchasing drugs over the Internet or the telephone is illegal, and that law enforcement action will be pursued unless a fine or fee ranging from $100 to $250,000 is paid.

Victims often also have fraudulent transactions placed against their credit cards.

The criminals always request the money be sent by wire transfer to a designated location, usually in the Dominican Republic. If victims refuse to send money, they are often threatened with a search of their property, arrest, deportation, physical harm, and or incarceration.”