Video marketing is exploding and will soon be the most popular online marketing strategy. While your high school English teacher may not be happy to hear this, recent surveys estimate that the vast majority of all people would rather watch a video about a company than read content about that same company.

This is viral and relies heavily on community submissions and social taqging. It can range from a clip of a seminar, a tutorial, a demonstration of your services, to a commercial. Video Marketing is a quickly growing market. Below are some of the statistical information I was able to pull from emarketer which I feel accuratly represents the need for video marketing in your online campaigns.

This is the latest trend in online marketing services. It is a technique where you can promote your product, views and services to the whole world. Video marketing is greatly dependent on sites like YouTube and the YouTube software for distribution of content and marketing messages.

While in time, the ubiquity of YouTube bot may dilute the effectiveness of the YouTube marketing campaign, at the present time there is still much to be gained from a strong YouTube marketing campaign online. Video marketing is a tremendous way to gain exposure in the search engines.

Internet browsers have incredibly short attention spans and are very unlikely to stay on a page for more than a minute. Videos grab their attention and force them to stay put and keep them interested in your site and business.

Internet video marketing is going to be the next big thing in SEO. The “on-demand” characteristic of video marketing is another great benefit. Internet marketing has definitely moved ahead. For instance, in the US, online retail sales are at US$170 billion annually and are expected to grow to over US$300 billion annually by 2010.

Internet marketing through video publishing is in booming trend recent years and it has become on of the online marketing vehicle to drive traffic to websites.

Online video ads spending should see a surge if publishing networks can find a way of targeting videos contextually. US advertisers are expected to spend $775 million on online video ads this year.

These viral videos generate massive free traffic and top search engine results in as quickly as 48 hours. Video marketing is viral and relies heavily on community submissions and social taqging. If you think that shooting a commercial is enough to rank well and create a buzz, think again. Video marketing is now being introduced and used instead of the more conventional sales letter. The whole concept of a video sales letter can be incorporated rather easily.

If you want to learn how to harness the power of video marketing you should consult with a professional to save yourself time and money.