Video can be VERY Powerful on the Internet- but does EASY WEB VIDEO pass the test? The internet has been taken by storm by video marketing. The New York Times has estimated over 70% of all internet traffic is currently attributed to video. Google noticed this huge trend in 2007 and purchased YouTube for a whopping $ 1.65 Billion. That’s right- you read that right… Billion. Entrepreneurs all over the internet have noticed the emergence of how Google has ranked videos in search engines. There is no question that Google values information and sees videos and multimedia as the next new wave of the internet for information. In fact, a little known tidbit is that Google has hired some of the brightest engineers in the world that are working on developing the technology to analyze keywords from audio that are digitized- just as they now analyze keywords from written langauge. So, there is no question the time to begin using video to promote your product or service and help with backlinking to your website is right now while you can still stay ahead of the next wave of commercial development of search engine optimization.

The problem for most though is how to take the HUGE files associated with the multi media of videos and condense them to get them into either a website or onto a video viewing site. Most video sites only accept a finite size of video file. The “solution” to date has been Macromedia. Even that, though has been cumbersome for the average user. Then there is the need to download expensive and memory hogging software to generate the play, stop or pause buttons. If that was not enough to the average internet user- after spending huge amounts of time shooting a video and getting it condensed- often times the condensing ended up with a tremendous impact on the quality of the video for the “final” product. Having personally done many videos- we can attest to the immense frustration one has after spending a lot of time to get the video completed and uploaded- only to be disappointed with the quality of the end product-or worse yet- to not have it upload to a given site because the file size exceeded the parameters associated with the site we were trying to upload it to.

The need for a different tool that can make getting videos up and on our websites or on the internet is definitely well documented. Read on in the next section for our conclusion on this product.

EASY WEB VIDEO is clearly the Answer! Easy Web Video uses new technology called V2F technology to compress huge Video files to an average of 25% or less of their original size- all without a loss of quality. Coupled with the turnkey ability to add in html coding complete with play, stop, forward and pause buttons- and this tool truly is the turnkey answer to getting Video where you need it to help with your objective of getting Video out on the internet- even in a matter of minutes. For a limited time the product also comes with two bonus packages- one being a Video editing software add on- which can easily run $ 75- 400 alone on other single applications. The other bonus is an actual teleprompter- so you can add in copy and read it to make your Videos more professional- just like the professionals do!

We give this product a huge thumbs up! At a cost of only $ 97 for this V2F software PLUS a Video editing and teleprompter package- and this product truly will give you a total turnkey system to get your videos out there- whether it be for your business- or to send Videos of your children to their grandparents!

We urge you to take action now so that your own website can reap the significant traffic this new wave is taking. And, don’t think you have to have professional quality for business- today’s consumer if more interested in