For the past 12 months, have you ever wondered which country has the highest search for the keyword “Scam“?

You will be surprised.

The chart below shows that Nigeria has the highest search rate for the word “Scam” on the internet, and this is followed by United States. Out of the top 10 countries, there are 4 countries from Africa.

Highest Search for Scam

This data is based on search on the google network, which is the most widely used search engine today.

1) Nigeria

2) United States

3) Ghana

4) Cameroon

5) Canada

6) Jamaica

7) Trinidad and Tobago

8) South Africa

9) Australia

10) Philippines

There can only be two possibilities based on the data.

– One group is checking whether their scams have been reported on the web (i.e. scammers)

– The other group is trying to find out whether something or someone is a scam.

Who goes to which group, is a no-brainer.