Another distress scam is reported by the university student news site. 

The lesson here is that, no matter who claims to be calling you and how urgent the matter is. One way of replying could be this, “Hold on, let me call the police dept/official phone numbers to verify. Oh, its urgent? Then I am so sorry, I’d still need to verify now.” Hang-up, find the official or known sources, and call to verify immediately. It might be from the real police, so please hang-up politely.


A scam was reported on Jan. 18 to the Columbia Police Department after a Steak and Shake employee wired money to an unknown source via MoneyGram a CPD news release stated.

The employee of the Steak and Shake, located at 3004 Clark Lane in Columbia received a phone call from a suspect who identified himself as being with the Sheriff’s Department, the news release stated. The caller said one of the store’s employees had been arrested and needed money to bail out of jail.

The employee was told she must send the money via Western Union or MoneyGram, the news release stated. The employee arranged for $800 to be sent via MoneyGram, using her credit card.

According to the news release, this incident was a scam. The caller was not with the Sheriff’s Department or any other law enforcement agency.