There was a report by Kevin Anderson at bbc.co.uk last June regarding
scammers. Not surprisingly, the former-scammers themselves reaffirmed
that these scams works, i.e. there are victims that would bite the
bait. The advise had been sound, that is to ignore these scamming
emails totally. Anything that is too good to be true has a high chance
of being scam, in particular, those that uses the names of well-known
companies and even the government. There is no free lunch.

The fact that many of these scams originally started from Nigerians
caused many to associate them to the country/people. As Nonso had said,
there are good and bad apples in every country. However, the community
tends to relate a particular issue to those that made it “famous”. That
is a price to pay, and will always be registered in the history of

Interestingly, we have also found a website that provides advise
regarding these advance fee scam or 419 scam, and how to play along
with the scammers. It is a fair warning that if you intend to test the
scammers, these are real crooks which we will be talking to and they
will be asking for faxes and chats on the phone. You may find out more
at http://www.419eater.com