Today, we can bring our prospective clients on-the-spot audio and video presentations as well as full explanations of our business programs. With online ordering, customers can simply shop at their very own online stores.

And these are all made possible by thousands of Turnkey Internet businesses available online.

A Turnkey refers to a system that is equipped with everything that is needed for it to function; ready to be put into immediate use. Similar to the ‘ignition’ of an automobile, the user only “turns a key” to start using the product. All the business tools, research, and design is supplied, installed, and usually managed by one vendor.

With the numerous turnkey business opportunities existing today (along with the new ones surfacing every day), careful attention should be given on deciding which one is right for you.

One of the secrets of a successful turnkey Internet business is to have a complete range of services that are all based on the idea to have an online business up and running fast and easy. Some of these features are:

Hosting package deals (usually in years)

Free Domain name

Business ideas and concepts

Software Designs by Professional designing groups

Business consultations

Client only private forums

Marketing packages and Support

Resell Rights on Software

Resell Rights on E-books

Resell Rights on Scripts

Professional Website Templates

Large Profit Affiliate Programs

Business Plans and Information Guides

Private Reseller Membership area

Web Hosting

Aside from the system being complete, it should also be automated; that is, the business virtually runs in itself. For “Store-type” sites, for example, the shopping cart should be able to track the user’s shopping session. Likewise, the system should also allow for multiple forms of payment (such as credit/debit cards, eGold, eCheck, or Paypal). A good turnkey Internet business should also be able to cater to all levels of business owners: the e-commerce beginners and advanced users alike.

Moreover, to succeed with the Turnkey business opportunity of your choice, you may want to make use of a powerful, risk-free marketing tool called Affiliate Programs. Here, other companies are in charge of holding the inventory and taking orders from customers; you just focus on the marketing and nothing else.

There are many advantages of conducting advertising and promotion (especially “how-to” information) on the Internet. Some of them are listed below:

This form of business has very low start-up costs.

You can reproduce your products at no costs.

Some products, especially software packages, offer no shipping costs on the part of the customers, as they are downloadable.

There is no need to maintain inventory – just one copy of the product will do!

You can do the operations of the business at your own pace (be it full-time or part-time).

You can manage the business anywhere (at the office, even at your own home).

It offers high profits at low risks.

The three fundamentals of affiliate sales and marketing program are the following:

The number of visitors. Automated systems that are filled with sales messages promoting your links have the aim to ‘pull’ people towards you, as opposed to other strategies that ‘push’ the products or services to people. The key is to create appealing headlines and effective testimonials that catch the attention of people and force them to pay attention.

From visitors to customers. Offer products that are easy to sell and that people are buying. You may want to ask possible customers if they would buy a particular product, and how much they are willing to pay for it.

A strong follow-up system. One sale most likely leads to another. A strong follow-up system could allow you to generate repeat business, with each product creating a desire for more.

While it is true that the Turnkey Internet business could make you thousands of dollars a month with your computer, it still is not the way to make much money. The secret to a successful enterprise is to build a business that not only fits your budget and your marketing area, but also based on your skills, personal preferences, and interests.