As an owner of a home-based business, you will have to learn to stay focused on your goals/reasons why you originally chose this direction. It is so easy to become distracted when you are working from home; since there are always a hundred other things that need your attention. Think about all those days when you were at your j.o.b. and you would think if I were home I could be getting so much done. Training yourself to stay focused on your home-based business can prove to be a challenge.

The most common distraction many of us face on a daily basis are; children/family, friends stopping by to visit, laundry/house cleaning, interruption from the phone, mail/email, television (your soap operas can wait) and many more.

As a home-based business owner, always remember what your goals/reasons were for bringing your work home. Was your goal to own a home-based business so you could avoid day care raising your children? Was your goal to become debt free? Was your goal to work at your own convenience and having the freedom that comes along with it? Was your goal to make money for yourself instead of that demanding boss?

Here are a few tips to help you stay focused when starting out with your home-based business:

#1: Always keep reminding yourself of the reason why you started your home-based business! If you forget about your why you will loose focus and you will be returning to your j.o.b. very quickly. It is far too easy to get distracted from initial reasons why you wanted to be home and when this happens then end results are sure to prove negative.

#2: Act as if you are punching a time card; keep your day as if you were reporting to a regular j.o.b. Some go to work for the social aspect or to get out of the house; while others go to work to make money. Usually those earning a commission have a stronger work ethic and stay focus attitude even when they are working for someone else. They are not usually the type that report to work to socialize. When working for yourself, your salary is directed by productivity. No productivity – no positive results = no income. Focus, focus, focus this is the only way to see positive results and usually these results can be met working a shorter day.

#3: Scheduling around the families activities is very important and is usually a juggling act. However it is workable; as long as you dedicate a minimum number of hours each day. It’s a good idea to block out this time on a calender so everyone involved knows this is when you will be working. With small children this could be done during nap time or in the evening after the children are in bed. When the children are older, it becomes much easier to tell them that you will be working between certain hours. Your family and friends must realize that there are certain hours of every day that you focus on your home-based business so unless it is an emergency you are not to be interrupted.

#4: The biggest challenge you will run into is from your friends and family who misunderstand what working from home really means. Many misinterpret it or forget that you actually have to do work to see the end results. Therefore you might be constantly targeted to babysit or have constant visitors for that cup of coffee, early morning chat session. Family can be your toughest critique always trying to offer you advice on finding a j.o.b.

You must stand your ground on this one. Don’t try to argue the point that you do have a real j.o.b just make them understand that during specific hours you are to be treated as if you are at that j.o.b. even though you are at home. Remind others how important this is to you and if they wish to have that cup of coffee to call first so you can work it around your work schedule. It is up to you to make sure everyone close to you understands how important your work is to you; this is the only way you will get their respect.

#5: To keep yourself productive, especially if your time is limited; dedicate a certain time of the day to answering emails. The best time for this would be first thing in the morning and just before leaving the home office for the day. Give yourself about two hours a day to complete this task. Answering email can consume your business and cause a negative result in your productivity.

#6: Don’t get side tracked by the meaningless daily activities. For example, if you find yourself focusing on the book work instead of the important tasks that are needed to keep you business running like advertising or returning phone calls then it may be time to out source. Maybe find yourself an assistant to take care of the book work so you can keep your focus on the needed daily tasks.

At the end of the day your results are completely dependent upon you and the decisions you make everyday in running your home-based business. Remember your goals/reasons for starting your home-based business and always keep these reasons as your focus. The only way to see success is by staying dedicated and true to your home-based business; without it your business will not survive.

Stay focused on your goals/reasons with strong work ethics along the discipline necessary to reach your success and dreams. It will be a reality as long as you stay true to those goals!