So who thinks that spams are still funny and useless crap?

“PDF (Portable Document Format)
attachments have gone from non-existent as a form of spam to a
surprising eight percent. Storm, a virus that disguises itself as an
electronic greeting card, fools spam blockers since the e-mail looks
like a harmless nice note from a friend. Even Excel files and Zip
archives are becoming tools of the e-scammer, each capable of being
embedded with spyware and “mail bots,” programs that use your computer
to send spam.

Always remember: Never open attachments from untrusted sources anyway.”

Heck, we don’t get scammed by these spams, but just some wild figures for thoughts:

A) 99.99% of the people laugh at them.
B) 0.01% of the people are scammed by them.
C) 0.0001% or equivalent number of scammers are getting richer – thanks to the 0.01% in para B), billions of dollars were transacted.