HotScams.com is back in action and strongly condemns scammers who targeted the senior folks!

He has preyed on
Vivian for months, dangling the promise of a huge lottery win. In
recent years, he and others have stolen perhaps $125,000 from her…

Brown in England was going to send me $6 million, $6 ½ million, and he
wanted $90,000, which was more than the value of my house at the time,”
she says.

It’s not clear how much she has sent to phone
scammers like him, but her losses have been great. Her home had been
paid for since 1984, but two years ago she took out a $50,000 mortgage.
Last year, she upped that loan to $75,000.(ouch!)

In addition to
that debt, her brother has injected $50,000 to get her out of financial
trouble, says Vivian’s niece Kathy Kunkel, who lives in Indiana..