This scam disappears years ago but is back. They will promise you loan despite your credit history, as long as you start sending them money first. Just like any other scam… you don’t get what you want… and whatever money you sent over… you can forget about seeing them again. There is absolutely, no refund.

We know its tempting when you urgently need to clear some bad debts… but think about the possibility of getting into worse debts if you believe in such too-good-to-be-true schemes.

Bloody Scam!

“Cherie found an offer online that promised her money despite her
credit history. She contacted the company and quickly received a letter
telling her she qualified. So she started to dream about what she could
do with the cash…The catch — she had to send the
lender some money first. She wired more than $1,000 to an account in
Canada, but grew suspicious when the company called asking for more….”