This is definitely a scam – never trust any email with the word “Nigeria” in it. The IDD Number is in fact +234, which is Nigeria.

This poor scum bag is a newbie and has no money to travel around the world – yet. Don’t ever feed this pest with money, or he will be traveling around the world scamming even more people.

Cut him off and let him die of scamicide in Nigeria. Bloody pests, pissed us off!

First email:
—– Original Message —–
From: Adamu Abubakar
Sent: Friday, May 22, 2009 2:40 AM
Subject: Mail received .

I acknowledged receipt of your mail and contents noted .
I had discussed with my client today and had informed me that it will be a good idea to invest the fund in Australia with the assistance of both you and your broker .
However, i request you and your broker to sent me an investment proposal of how both of you will invest the fund into Real Estate in Australia .
Also ,you should sent your full details with your identity proof to me . Now that your broker will be part of this investment , you should also request him to sent me all his full details and his identity proof . Details requested from both of you are as follows .
(1) Full name and address .
(2) Mobile number .
(3) Age .
(4) International passport or drivers license .
As soon as i receive your brokers details with yours ,i will procure an agreement and sent to you which both parties will sign and sent back to me  to enable us proceed .
I need to speak with you or your broker on phone ,call me through my private number : +234808 771 6634 .
I await to hear from you soon,
Adamu A.Abubakar (Esq} .

Second Email
—– Original Message —–
From: Adamu Abubakar
Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 7:10 PM
Subject: Your mail refers .

I acknowledged receipt of your mail and contents noted .
Your biography was received with much appreciation and this had gave me more confidence that you are an honest personality .
 I’m a nationality of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and had been practising here as an international Lawyer for the past 18 years ,however ,due to my proffession,i’m very close to the government of this country as i handled most of their legal mechanism in the court of law both local and international.
I’m married with two wifes and  seven  children as a Muslim .I graduated from Leads University in United Kingdom where i did both my first degree and Master Degree in Law .
Futhermore, My Client is a retired Army General and who is incharge of all military contracts in Nigeria and based on his position ,he prefer to invest overseas with an assistance of a foreigner to protect his interest .
He wants to invest into any lucrative investment in Australia which you and your broker will advise and handle of his behalf and this investment should be long term investment of about 10 – 15 years long term investment and the profit should be between 15 -20% interest per annual . But in this regards ,you and your broker will be in better position to advise on the best investment that will yield good interest in the future .
Kindly sent your Mobile number to me in your reply and do call me on my private number for any clarification and brief discussion : +234808 771 6634 .
As soon as i receive your business proposal , i will procure an agreement and some vital documents which you will sign and sent back to me before the bank in London will transfer the fund into your nominated bank account .
I will fly to meet with you in Australia as soon as the bank transfer the fund into your account to enable us know ourself and have round table discussion .
My photo is attached for your perusal .
I await to hearing from you soon,
My regards to your family
Adamu Abubakar (Esq}


Third Email
—– Original Message —–
From: Adamu Abubakar
Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 4:46 PM
Subject: Absolutely Real / Legal Transaction .

I  acknowledged receipt of your mail  with mixed feelings.
Please if i may ask you a simple question, what do you understand by the word (scam). Can a legal Attroney at law involves in a scam????.
With reference to your mail, there is no doubt that you may be apprehensive,scary and afraid of events and sceptical with this development. I too, with conscience will feel the same way when a total stranger writes to me on such confidential matters through the Internet.
I will be bound to ask a few questions and need clarifications.
Moreover, with the negative reports of the present trend, one has to be extremely careful before venturing into such business. The introduction of internet and the advancement in communication technology has brought the global world into a unit and most unscrupulous men have used the opportunity to undo their fellow human beings. This Would not be our portion.
My friend, this business is for our mutual benefit and I neither meant any harm nor do I mean to deceive a fellow human being. My business is genuine and very legal. This business /transaction is being handled legitimately conforming to all acceptable international standards. It is a pure business transaction that is necessitated by circumstances.
Let it  be mentioned for the sake of records that this our mutual benefit transaction is absolutely legitimate and not a SCAM  as all the necessary documents that will be needed in a transaction of this nature and volume of funds will be issued and obtained in your name and favour as the bonafide beneficiary  to represent my client .
I am  48 years  with  lovely family and I cannot get involved in anything illegal or scam. I am also a legal practitioner and illicit or scam activities are not a dignifying or noble acts and against the ethics of my profession and my conscience and as such can never get involve in any undignified or ignoble act or any transaction that will jeopardise or put my family in difficulty or make me loss my practice licence.
I cannot risk your personality or put you into trouble. I am a family man and I place a lot of interest in the family at large and God. At my age, education and professional status, I cannot delve into a venture that is detrimental and disgraceful to my family and to humanity at large. If I do it, I am risking my years of long service and consequent jail.
I am giving you my word as my honour that this business is authentic and real and you can know me and have that trust in me by continuing with your maximum co-operation and expurgating fear from you.
I will advise that you expurgate fear or uncertainties and let us achieve this for our mutual benefit, the greater future of our children and lasting partnership business relationship.
Let us not make the mistake of calling this business a scam any longer. I do not know what else to do to prove myself to you. I can only assure that if you give me your hand of fellowship then this business will prove itself and as a sign of good fate.
This ivestment plan is long term investment which you will handle in your country on behalf of my client , i will give you a Power of Attorney which gives you autonomy to invest the fund . Appreciate your  numerous investment plans towards this investment fund and with the assistance of your brother in-law who is a real estate broker ,sky will be our limit .
Note : i will like you to write to the bank where my client deposited the fund in London, just write them and find out from them if my client  has an account that worth US$35.5Million in there bank ,this will be better for more confidentiality in this project .
Details of the bank where my client deposited her fund in United Kingdom .
Bank Name : Equitorial Guaranty Bank (UK}
Email: info@egbank.co.uk
Website : www.egbank.co.uk
However, the Memorandum of Understanding will be ready within 2 days   as soon as i receive your details and will sent it to you while you sign same and sent back to me .

My regards to you and your family and God bless.
Adamu .A. Abubakar,ESQ