We have heard about puppy scams mixed with advanced fee scams (419 scams). We have also heard about fake and replica goods sold as real.

How about buying a puppy (thinking that it is a puppy), but is in fact a real lamb in disguise?  Perhaps there is some genetic engineering in play – but that could be costly.

Apparently, someone decided to spread some rumours about a Japanese actress Ms Kawakami fallen into a “sheep-dog” scam, which appears to be a hoax. All the involved parties deny the existence of such a scam.

Nonetheless, we are wondering if such a scam do exist… buying a cat that is a mouse in disguise…lol

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Just some tips to prevent against such scams:

1) Never buy the pet without seeing it physically.

2) Check the fur coats to make sure that it is not dyed or patched on. Maybe shave off a small area and let it grow back to check the genetic fur or hair.

3) Lastly, when inspecting the pet, ask the owner to get the pet to make some “noise”, i.e. “meow” or “barks” for a cat or dog respectively, and likewise for any other pets. Otherwise, if it goes “meh meh” then u know its a scam. If it gave a “ROAR”, you just got yourself a tiger cub – head for the zoo.