Botswana (a country in Southern Africa) news report about job scams. The scammers would go through seemingly elaborate “screening process” where the candidate is “selected” and then directed to a training center. However, the scammers aren’t prepared to go further than that, and the victim is asked to pay for training fees so as to secure a high-paying package.

“He(Scammer) wrote in his email that candidates who pay
training fees are guaranteed employment after training and that they
would be paid an annual salary of $180 000 (P1, 089,591.95) as of this
Wednesday’s currency exchange rate).

He also
said at the end of training and prior to employment, candidates will be
paid 30 percent of their annual salary (P326, 877, 59) cash as start-up

Wow, that is a big carrot indeed. Remember, when you apply for a job and is sent for training by the employing company, you should NOT be paying for the training course. The employers should be the one paying for it. You only pay for a training course when you have applied for it on your own.

In another scenario, some scammers may ask that you attend a training course to obtain a specific certification before they can employ you. It such cases, the scammers may offer to facilitate and sign up the victim for the course.