There are so many MLM systems in the market today, and it is not
surprising that some of these are in fact scams aiming at making your

However, it is important to note that not all MLM are
scams. Without being specific about which MLM are great, look out for
the following criteria:

1) International Recognition
2) Large, growing user base
3) Authority Endorsement
4) If the above 3 applies, usually the company sells products with great value and quality.

Proven MLM companies: Amway, Sunrider.
are more, but our intention here is not to advertise for them. As an
anti-scam website, we dare state that the above two companies are
definitely not a scam. If you agree with us, then the statement “all
MLM are scams” is false.

If you are still worried of getting
scammed, we recommend trying these first before evaluating others or
putting a general statement that “all MLM are scams”. People who made
such statements are no better from those who get scammed.

is all about networking. If you truly have the ability to succeed in
such a business, we would expect you to do well with the above 2
companies. If a MLM says that you can make money doing nothing, then
its more likely scam. You won’t hear such crap in Amway and Sunrider,
because real MLM company have Real products and require you to put in
Real effort. The best thing is that continuous effort in a good MLM
will reward you for a lifetime.

Choose a good MLM, and stop complaining that they are all scams.
*shakes head*