So you’ve been brought up and conditioned by the system that you should get a job when you leave school and then spend the rest of your working life dedicating your time to an employer.Thats fine for the majority of people but what about the rich and wealthy?do they all work 5 days a week and told when to have a tea break? I don’t think so.

Sure there are people doing very well working in the traditional way but they are most certainly conditioned to conform and are living within the comfort zone of their ideals.We are taught to be grateful if we have a job that offers paid holidays and sickness, offers share options and good pensions and allows you to have a certain amount of holidays per year. The truth is we have to dedicate our lives to earning money for other people in return for a reasonably safe lifestyle.

Then there are the few who don’t fit into this mold.They either go on and create financial freedom with a burning desire to succeed or there are the people who rebel against the system and lose direction and end up bitter and broken. There are people who fit in between these two extremes and these people often are classed as opportunity seekers trying to get rich by following many of the get rich quick schemes out there.

Most people will fail.Lets be realistic here, you will not get rich quick.You will have a lifetimes conditioning to overcome and you will have to learn a whole new way of doing things.The Internet can offer a whole new way to create an income and if you get it right you can amass great wealth.

The Internet has created more millionaires than any other business and is growing all the time.If you have a hobby or interest, the chances are that somewhere on the Internet someone is making money from it.Internet auction sites give you a global audience if you are selling something.There are many discussion groups you could visit on every subject under the sun to gain a customer base on a certain subject.You could even sell other peoples products and have them do all the hard work while you take a commission.

The majority of people use a home computer to surf the net or to play games.This is the most valuable piece of equipment that if used correctly could generate considerable wealth for it’s user.Buying and selling is very easy and if you find a certain group of people with a specific interest, you could use the Internet to contact them and offer a solution to their problem.

Never before has the one man band been able to level the playing field and advertise on an equal level as with the large company’s. Once you get your head around this you will start to accept that the way we have been taught since an early age will hold you back.

If you are reading this article, you are in a very small percentage of the population who are looking to break out of the traditional mould of working for a living and this is something you should follow up on as the Internet could be your passport to a better life.

The Internet is here to stay so if you want to change direction and work from home, start investigating your hobby’s and interests to see if you could provide information or a service.