That’s right, before we start having any ideas of making money, easy money or fast money the lazy way, we need a plan. You will need to sit down, write down what is your objective. Are you in this business for fun, for a living hood or for the challenge? Which ever category you are in, you need a plan in order to be success.

Write down what do you want to see yourself in say 6 months down the road? If you plan to be successful on the internet, making money and be able to quit your 9-5 job, there are good and bad news for you. The good news is that, yes, it is possible; there are guys out there who have made it and no turning back for them. The bad news is that it requires some effort on you part, you would need to stay on course, persevere and stay focus as the people who failed surpassed much more than those who succeeded. I am not promising any instant or overnight riches, but as long as you stick to your plan, you can be successful too.

You would need these ingredients in you plan to success. First, you need to find your target market. What I meant here is not just any market, but a very focus market, one where the people are extremely hungry and they have the ability to pay for what they want. Secondly, you need to identify the product for them. What is that market’s need, what exactly are they looking to buy? Usually you will find that any solutions to people’s problem are easier products to sell. Thirdly, we need to know how to reach out to these people, how to market to them and make them be aware of your product and make them wanting to buy a piece of the action. Last but not least, just duplicate the above three steps when you are done with one product. You will find that this is the key to automation and you will improve on your ways, research and products offering the next time round.

Of course the 4 steps would take you a long time to learn. Along the way, you might even be distracted. Remember when I mentioned about needing a plan in the beginning? This is where you need to be focused and stay true to your plan. There will always be lots of get rich schemes everyday, forget those. If you stick to your plan, your success will stay with you. Slowly but surely your riches will grow. Go with those proven recommendation and you will find yourself on target.