]]>Subject: claiming lotto money

Question/Comment: Dr Kirk Robinson contacted me and told me I had won the

lottery. He told me to claim the money the money I had to send $200.00 to

the Barclay bank in London. Now he tells me I have to send $400.00. to

claim the money. This does not sound right. Will you check into this for

me. My Ref# EAASL/9410YI/03 and Batch# 12/25/DC34 c  .Thank you so much

Lottery scammers don’t stop after you bite the bait. After you send the money the first time, they will ask for a second time. After they succeeded in the second time, they will ask for the third time.

They will bleed you dry simply by making you believe that every sum of money paid will get you closer to your “Winnings”. It is not surprising to know that victims in lottery scams often lose several thousands of dollars. They didn’t send all that to the scammers in a single payment, but they were in fact many small payments.

There is no lottery winnings, as this is a scam and completely fake.

It is not always easy for the scammers to find the right bait who would believe that the lottery winnings are real..

And if they find one, they will hang on to it, as if they are milking a cow. They will “Milk you Dry” and by the time you are snapped out of this wild dream about a lottery winning, you are lucky if your bank account isn’t wiped clean.

Stay clear of such lottery winning scams, and help to pass around to your friends if they are unaware of it!