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Thanks in advance for any help…

About a week ago, I was contacted by a man who identified himself as Brian Shaw from a company he said was Global International.  He has two separate 876 numbers and claims to be working out of Manhattan, Suite 12, 8th St. 10027.  He sounded to be Pakistani or Indian and the call was a poor connection which I think was on an overseas trunk line.  Anyway, his name did not fit his accent.  He told me I’d won 2.5 million in an international lottery.  He
said his company had paid the Federal taxes on this amount and all I
had to pay was $350 for the secure courier to come and deliver the
check to my home address.  I was skeptical the entire way and he assured me it was real.  I sent the money via moneygram to a name Derrick Francis.  It was picked up in the Bronx, NY.

I’m almost certain this is a scam but he keeps calling me.  He
wanted another $1200, which he said is a lottery commission fee
required by state for legal fees before the paperwork can be forwarded
and the check issued.  I could not pay it.  He was upset and said he would have to go the long route with me and send papers for me to sign by mail.  I need advice on how to recognize a scam.  I
even received a confirmation call from a so-called lottery commission
office; a woman with a slight Indian accent which came up as
702-541-9254 which is in the Las Vegas area.  What do I do if paperwork shows up?  I don’t know lottery procedures.  Can you help?


There are always plenty of stories to tell in a lottery scam. But if you already knew it is a scam, why are you still wasting time dealing or thinking about these morons?

When you ask the scammer a question, you are hoping that they would tell you something to re-assure that the “winnings” are real. If you want that, you could probably get “what you want to hear”.

That differentiates the smart people out there from the weaker, gullible people who are still “hooked” by the “carrot” (or fake winnings). Smart people sees the scam and throws the story out of their window. The weak ones will keep asking questions, hoping that the scammer would tell them “something” they like to hear.

The fact is that, a real lottery winner pays nothing to get his prize.

Secondly, if there is any tax, fees etc, the authorities would deduct such cost from the winnings.


1) You believed you could have just WON “$10million”, without initiating anything, paying or lifting a finger. 


2) And for winning “$10million”, the “authorities” who is supposed to pay you MUST have “$10million”. Correct?

3) So if you “THINK” they have $10million to pay you, WHY CAN’T THEY DEDUCT THAT FEES FROM THE $10million and return you the balance.

You mean “Whoever” is paying you that Lottery Winnings cannot even afford to deduct that few thousands of dollars of “Fees”? Oh, this must be a scam. Does this makes sense?

The above is the longer version of explaining why: “You NEVER pay money to get lottery winnings.”