Unemployment rate has hit record-high. And if you are in need of a job
urgently, please Look Away from such offer as “Mystery Shopper”.

They are not looking for “Mystery Shopper”. If you read between the
lines, they mean “Scam Victim Wanted Badly, We Want to Make You Poorer!

As with most scams, never trust the names used in the emails. You will be lucky to find real names in scams, because that would help police alot. And if the scammer uses their real name in a scam, it also means that you have been tricked by a moron. So, please save yourself.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Mark Lewis <marklewisjobsssss@gmail.com>

Date: 2009/6/3





Need extra INCOME!

Become our [ MYSTERY SHOPPER]:

Earn [ NO LESS THAN $500.00 ] Per Venture:

It is Very Easy and Very Simple:

No Application fees:

Here’s your chance to get paid for shopping and dinning out.

Your job will be to evaluate and comment on customer service in a wide

Variety of shops,Stores, restaurant and services in your area.

Mystery shoppers are Needed Throughout America .

You’ll be paid to shop and dine out-plus,you can also get free meals, Free

merchandise, Free services, free Entertainment, Free travel and


Great Pay. Fun Work. Flexible Schedules.No experience required. If you

can shop-you are qualified!

Let me explain to you what it entails

What is a mystery shopper?

A mystery shopper is like being 007 at the mall. Mystery shoppers must

complete their assignments and go un-detected. Mystery

Shoppers receive assignments consisting of a variety of business types

such as: restaurants, food chains, automobile dealerships, retail

stores, and more.

Businesses benefit from the services of a mystery shopper because they

report their unbiased review from a customer standpoint. This

enables the business to identify problems that could result in a unhappy

customer and loss of sales. As you can see, mystery shoppers

have a great responsibility and are paid accordingly.

As a Mystery Shopper you can:

earn up to $500 per assignment

have a flexible schedule and hours

pick and choose what assignments you want

bring your kids with you on assignments.

work part time or full time.

get free merchandise

get paid for dining out

stay at hotels for free

get paid for going to the movies

and much more…

We will be sending you cheques for any of your assignments which you

will cash at your financial institution and you use the money to

carry out the assignment . You do not have to use any money from your

pockets. So We will provide you the money for all your


What you need to do is to contact the email below

The following information below will be needed :

Full Name:

Address (no P.O Box):



Zip Code:

Work Phone #(s):

Home Phone #(s):

Cell Phone #(s):

Email Address:



We look forward to working with you

Mark Lewis