Think that you are smart? Think that you would never be scammed? According to Consumer Federation of America, about 33% of Americans are exposed to fake check scams, out of which1.3million were tricked and lost between $3,000 to $4,000. Fake check scams are normally used as part of lottery scams, mystery shopper or secret shopper scam, grants and work-at-home scams (job scams).

Millions of people have lost money because of fake checks and there is no sign of it letting up anytime soon.

That’s why the State Attorney General and the Consumer Federation of America are taking aim at fake check scams.

Experts say the only way to protect yourself from the fake check scam is to recognize it when it comes in the door. The checks look real, they are made out to you and we all want to believe someone wants to give us money.

One Washington County woman, who did not want to be identified, says she was scammed out of more than $4,600 after getting a congratulations letter from E-Casino Universal Gaming telling her she had just won $68,000.

The letter included part of the winnings. She says it came with a check from Wells Fargo Bank for close to $5,000.

She and her husband deposited the check and sent the award company $4,600 by Western Union to cover taxes and accounting fees.

Two hours later, the woman said she got a call from the bank telling her that the check was bogus and she had to put the funds back.