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Some facts:

What exactly is MUST University?
Based on the website: “MUST University is an international online accredited university offering education in 16 different fields of studies through its specialized schools. These schools offer degree, diploma and certificate programs in 71 different majors. MUST University’s self-paced and self-study distance learning programs surpass both the traditional programs of world class universities globally and the on-line program offerings by other online institutions in terms of Ease & Flexibility, Low Cost, Quickness and Quality of Education.”

How are lessons delivered?
According to the feedback of some existing students: “They have a full on-line classroom with full free study material, anytime I need any help I call them and they help me out.”

For distance learning, there supposed to be tutors available to conduct lessons. However, this does not mean anything. Anybody can provide free lesson material and just answer some questions as and when arise.

How do I join the school?
You can start your degree, certificate or deploma with just $199.

How much is the price of each program?
The tuition fee is $99.95 per month, which will get you an Associate degree.
They claimed that you can get an Accredited Associate degree in less than a year.

Ok, so much for the facts that sound too good to be true. Assuming that this “school” is able to provide all the study material, has online classroom (basically a Chat Room, call it whatever you like to sound great), and a piece of paper they called “Associated Degree”. That does not mean that the certificates that you get from them, is accepted and recognised by the government and companies.

Here are some facts that will make you think otherwise:

1) MUST University is accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO). However, the web address http://www.internationalaccreditation.org was registered recently – JUST LAST YEAR!

Domain ID:D153467873-LROR
Created On:28-Jul-2008 16:47:43 UTC
Last Updated On:27-Sep-2008 03:51:21 UTC
Expiration Date:28-Jul-2009 16:47:43 UTC

The details of the owner of this web domain is kept private. For an “International Agency”, they should not keep this information as private. Other than a email address and phone numbers, they do not disclose their physical address on the website.

This agency is also NOT approved by the US Education Dept!

2) They claim that “International Accreditation Organisation” is in turn “accredited” by the following 2 fake organisations:

IEAC – International Education Accreditation Commission
GESFWA Global education support forum for working adults

The website pointed to this web domain, but the website does not exist: Fake IEAC.
However, we found the new web address of the above name, and its located at http://www.eduaccreditation.org

Domain ID:D125135471-LROR
Created On:27-Jun-2006 12:56:26 UTC
Last Updated On:01-Jul-2008 22:50:11 UTC
Expiration Date:27-Jun-2009 12:56:26 UTC

They do not have any physical address. This “Organisation” only has an email!

The website points to the following domain, which was only registered last year!

Domain ID:D153467874-LROR
Domain Name:GESFWA.ORG
Created On:28-Jul-2008 16:47:43 UTC
Last Updated On:27-Sep-2008 03:51:21 UTC
Expiration Date:28-Jul-2009 16:47:43 UTC

At this point, we will conclude that this “University” is very likely a scam. The main website at MustUniversity.com also does not have any physical address. They are not recognised by the government authorities. And we do not believe that any accreditation agency can be setup so quietly within a year.

This is a scam! We welcome any feedback to dispute our claim. Please note that we do not accept “testimonials” from “students” of the university. The only way to change our claim is another email or letter from the US education department or authorities – and after we have verified with them.

On 5 Jun 09, we received this feedback:
‘invitation’ emailed to me when I was checking into online programs for an
ASN or BSN. I checked into it, and after a very lengthy chat session with
‘David Lazarus’, was prepared to invest in the BSN program. After a few
days of consideration, something kept nagging at me. So I tried to check it
out on the BBB website. Nothing came up, but that doesn’t mean anything,
because they weren’t even listed! When I got back onto the chat, I spoke
with ‘George Brown’. As soon as I began asking questions about where their
corporate office was, the chat session was transferred over to a ‘Troy
Blunt’. After questioning several times for the exact city, state and zip
code for the corporate office, I was given San Francisco, CA 94104 – for
their ‘Administrative Office’. He also went on to say that they don’t have
a physical corporate office because they are a national and international
online university. My chat session was terminated by the operator, I
haven’t been able to reach anyone by chat or phone since. I am so glad my
intuition led me to check this out. As well as finding your site that
confirmed my suspicions!! I saved myself $425 in heartaches!! So be warned
EVERYONE, in the US, internationally, and especially our US Military
wanting to further their education — DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER OR BELIEVE MUST

Updated: 21 Jan 2010

Found these additional websites:

      Created on: 09-Dec-09
      Expires on: 09-Dec-10
      Last Updated on: 12-Dec-09

They are trying their best to post remarks that they are accredited all over the web, including Answers Wiki. Isn’t that a perfect place for a spam.

At least the university that I attend doesn’t do that, and I know where to look for them (Physical Address) – and one that is recognised by the state and not some fictitious entity.

Question Polled: Is Mustuniversity.com a scam

Yes – 57

No – 39

Don’t Know – 2