The internet has seen an explosion of PPC Service Providers and most of them will assure you that your new products or services are safe in their hands. Should you believe them? Will they take care of your products and services in the same way that you would? This article outlines the main benefits and potential pitfalls of outsourcing your PPC campaign to an agency so that you can decide if it is right for your company.

The main benefits of outsourcing your PPC Campaigns are that: * you don’t need to become an expert in PPC methods and tools * you can benefit from the experience of the agency * you can focus on your business

The main idea is that you save time and money and can focus on your business and this is great if you are getting the return on marketing investment that you need. There are many reputable companies who will make a real effort to understand your business needs and produce a PPC marketing plan that meets your goals and objectives. On the other hand there are many companies out there who may not really understand your goals and objectives and because of this you won’t see the ROI that you expected.

The main pitfalls of outsourcing your PPC campaigns are: * your PPC campaign is your top priority but may not be the agencies top priority * the agency may not really understand the needs of your market * you never get to understand what PPC can really do for you * you might sign up with an agency that does not deliver on its promises

Two key points you need to cover in order to avoid these potential pitfalls are: * make sure that the agency has a track record in your market, and * put in place a service level agreement that ensures you get the service you expect

If you can agree a performance based fee or bonus with the agency then this will also help. In summary PPC is a great way to get more business and it is an almost essential component of any companies marketing strategy. So when you meet with an agency to discuss outsourcing your PPC Campaigns it is important to work out a clear set of goals and objectives so that you can measure the success of your campaigns. Its also important to agree a clear service level agreement with the agency so that you get the service that you are paying for.