Cecilla wrote:

Hi, I am writing from Spain, I need to know about Global Domains International, Inc…. It’s GDI a serious domains?, can I work whit them?, thanks, cecilia.


We think that your question is vague, are you referring to the domains or their marketing system?

It seemed that their affiliate system isn’t quite complete, and a check on some affiliate sites show that this is some kinda pyramid or MLM system.

As we have written somewhere, if you want to join a MLM system we recommend joining a company with better reputation, and products that adds-value. In order for a MLM to be profitable, the price would normally be higher than “normal products”. The mark-up price has to be “higher” so that the profit is adequate to split among the levels of affiliates, but in order to justify for a higher cost, there has got to be value-add in the product itself.

Let’s say I have a HotScams Shampoo (brand is “HotScams”).

So if I sell this in the stores. I would need to sell to compete with the rest of the shampoos on the same shelf – all selling around $2.00

My shampoo isn’t much better than the other shampoos, so I have to get my price in the competitive range, which means a small margin of profit. So I am selling at $1.95, and my profit is only say $0.25 per bottle.

Next I decide to market my shampoo using the MLM or affiliate system. If I stick my price at $1.95, I have to share the profit of $0.25 with not just one, but several guys depending on how the system works. If the upline earns 7-levels down, I will need to split that $0.25 by 7.

So I mark-up the price to say, $3 per bottle. I will still earn less but more than $0.25 divided by 8 (including my company).

Now, turn the table around, and ask why must the consumer pay $3 per bottle just to buy my shampoo when they can get one at $2 from the shelf.

The only thing that I can sell them the same old words used in MLM like “Passive Income”, “Change your life forever”, “Earn while you sleep”, etc. WAIT! There is Nothing wrong with these, because these are really some of the rewards of Good MLM systems, products and business. But NOT all MLM systems are selling the same products.

Not sure if you understand me, but in short you ask yourself what is the value of the product that you are selling.

Don’t join an MLM because the MLM works. Every MLM will work provided that the product has unique value, with strong support and robust system provided by the company. There is no free lunch, and the question is the effort that you will need to put in.

btw, just some screenshots of what I mean when I say about product pricing and value of product. If you understand what I am writting, then you will understand my point. If the 2 companies below are selling the same product, why isn’t the other doing the same? We are not talking about shampoos from different factories, but domain names.

See the arrows and red boxes carefully, because it is self-explanatory. These images are captured at the same time. You can try to register that domain name which I tested below (the cheaper one), XLJ.WS. And… SKG.WS is also available at that cheap price. Probably more. Register today!!! (Don’t quote us)



— Another Registrar below —


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