Less than a year ago when the first few cases were “spreading” out from Mexico, there were rumors (or jokes) saying that these are released by drug companies hoping to gain from drug sales. Now the Council of Europe is investigating if there is a scam to “blow it out of proportion” to increase drug sales. WHO is also being investigated for involvement in the scam.

An estimated US$18 billion was spent worldwide on vaccinations and drugs to fight the flu.

An expert from the Russian Academy of Sciences says the H1N1 flu is a non-disease.

“The recent flu has been described as a made-up disease or a non-disease. In other words, the main goal of everything surrounding it is to make money. SARS, bird flu and chronic fatigue are all in that category, along with nearly 200 other illnesses. One can make up anything – a goat flu or a fish flu. And we are easily convinced about the threat of infections,” Pavel Vorobyov says. “One such example is what happened after the Chernobyl catastrophe, when people were persuaded to buy devices to measure radioactivity. So a disease doesn’t even have to be infectious for companies to make money from the panic.”