Do you know someone whose past has you curious? If you’re just mildly curious or there is a situation that makes it imperative that you reveal their past, running a background check may be the perfect solution.

Before the birth of the internet the only method that was reliable means to discover a person’s history was to use the services of a private investigator. Now it is possible to use the internet to uncover the desired information, right from your home.

There may be lots of different reason that you would want to do a background check. Whether you are an employer that wants to inquire about an applicants history or you have questions about a person you are dating, a background check can be very revealing.

Many people will run the background check on themselves in order to make sure that the information stored in the databases is accurate. If an error is revealed, contact information is provided so that the records can be updated to reflect the right information.

When doing a search many websites will be found that do background checks. These companies maintain huge databases of accessible information. Value information may be revealed when running a background check on an individual. The detailed information that is revealed may include any criminal records, credit reports, previous addresses and more.

Since the companies that maintain the databases used to run the background check have expenses, they will naturally have to charge a fee to access the records. The fee they charge is usually very reasonable.

It is possible to do your own research before paying any fees. And this technique uses one of my best friends – Google! Simply put the person’s name, enclosed in quotes, in the search bar. Truthfully, the chances are rather slim that any useful information will be revealed. Unless the person in question has a very unique name you may uncover information on someone else. It is also unlikely that sensitive information such as credit or criminal history will be uncovered. This information is not just “floating” around the internet – you need to use a professional background service for this information.

In the event your search reveals nothing, enlist the help of a company that can run the background check you need. Look for one that offers a money back guarantee; if nothing is found, nothing has been lost.

If you want to do background checks on more than one person you should look for a company that offers a membership plan. This way you can run a background check anytime you want without having to fork over anymore cash. This option gives you a great value – most companies charge around $100 for this option, although I have seen some charge as low as $40-$50. If you find a membership option at a price that low, you’re best to jump on the offer. It will come in handy later.

A background check is simple to do. The information you are looking for can be just a few mouse clicks away when you enlist the help of a company online.