Hotscams.com is not really a spam database provider. Although we post as much
scam reports as we possibly can with the limited time we had, our focus is to publish as many type of scams as possible, rather than quantity.

Probably with time, we may eventually build a database of scam reports. But what is more important for
everyone is to be aware of the various type of scam and their method.

Why we are writing this note is because: If you are trying to find the
exact email or story hoping that your case is different from others, then you are totally wrong in your approach. Internet does not contain every bit of updated information that you received, and you could be the first one to create history on a particular scam. If anyone claims that they have the most up to date information, ask them to guarantee or provide an insurance.

Just as an example, I saw a report of a scam on the news the other day. The victim has already been scammed and has reported to the police. However, when I tried to search some specific keywords related to the scam on the internet, it could not be found straight away. So what does that say about scam database?

While you can try to find scam database at various sources on the
internet, the important thing is to note the type of scams and what they
can do to you… and your bank account. For example, advanced fee fraud basically tries to get you send an “advanced fee” before you can claim your lottery or inheritance money (someone died). Scam jobs, lottery or 419-type of scam may also use your personal information for identity theft.

For email-based scam, the best advice “anyone” would give you is to delete the email straight away.