Great news articles from Colorado Springs Gazette, with more numbers and stats of scams and comments from the Sheriff’s office. There are many news confirming that many have fallen into various “too-good-to-be-true” scam deals. This is another great one from the authorities – so be convinced.

” A long-lost relative from a foreign country has left you a million-dollar inheritance.

A broker calls offering you a mortgage with guaranteed low monthly payments.

An investment opportunity arrives in the mail, promising large returns and zero risk.

Sound tempting? Authorities say don’t fall for it; it’s most likely a scam.

Thousands of people nationwide fall victim to fraud, scams and
identity theft every year. In 2006, 674,354 people reported complaints
to the Federal Trade Commission, with 12,052 originating from Colorado.
In Colorado Springs, 591 reports were made, but authorities believe the
number should be higher because many cases go unreported.”